I was 11 when I had this dream...

I came back from school camp when I went to bed I had the dream

I was at my house walking around and around there was nothing until...

A voice said 'Don't let him in'

'Let who in' I stammered

'The cold man he's right outside your house in the real world' the man replied

'What does he do' I asked

'He stalk his prey just like the seedeater he walks around people's houses then when they let him in WABAM! He kills them they let him in by answering the door,phone anything he could get in' the man said shivering with fear 'I have to go my time is up'

'Wait' I shouted but he just disappears In to thin air then I wake up.

I heard I ringing noise it was just my phone when the ring stopped I heard footsteps in my closet I did not open it but i knew he would never come again or maybe...